My Mission Statement

Want a buzz in your school? A buzz for reading, writing and performing? I do lively and engaging poetry (with guitar music!) performances and workshops to hopefully inspire, engage, encourage both chidren and teachers alike. I'm not trying to convert anyone into loving poetry, but in my interactive, age-appropriate workshops I do very much want children to feel excited and confident about using language, and to get them writing expressively and to the best of their abilities. So no pressure there then!

Time spent writing poems will greatly improve children's story and prose writing skills as well - and what's more, it's a fun and dynamic way to get reluctant writers excited about creativity, literacy and the wonder of words. And there's the rub - most children love doing fun and imaginative activities, and they get a great sense of achievement from writing poems. But, I guess, more than anything else, having visited over 1300 schools in the last eighteen years, I know what my main aim is now - to bring a huge heap of enthusiasm to your school!